We, as a brand and a company, can create change. That starts with being transparent about our company makeup.

Out of our team of 27: 

● 4 are non-Black POC

● 21 identify as female, 6 identify as male

● 4 identify as LGBTQ+, 22 identify as heterosexual, 1 prefers not to answer

And that’s not enough. Encouraging wellness and self-care is a fundamental mission of our brand. Inclusivity and service to others are values we hold dear. It’s time to truly act out those values within our company and across our community. 
We’re committing to radical change in support of BIPOC, and those changes need to happen across every aspect of our business. 

We have already taken the following actions: 

● We donated $10,000 to the Loveland Foundation, which strives for empowerment of women and girls in the Black Community, including free therapy and mental health services. Because we believe strongly that wellness is vital to the empowerment of members of the BIPOC Community.

● We’ve kicked off our Internal Diversity and Inclusion Committee focused on training and education, as well as improving our hiring processes, and taking a serious look at our corporate diversity, equity and inclusivity in every facet of the business.

Here is our plan going forward to follow through, stay accountable, and live the change we wish to see. There will be more added to this list as we evolve and grow.

● When we are able to hire again, we will work to ensure a more diversified pool of applicants, through recruiter partnerships, connecting with diverse networking groups and making sure the position is truly accessible to every qualified person.

● We are currently planning a series of roundtable discussions to educate ourselves through insights and perspectives directly from members of the BIPOC Patchology community.

● We’ve established an ongoing partnership with Black Girl Ventures, a national organization for Black and Brown woman-identifying entrepreneurs. We’re thrilled to have started planning our first big project with them, and while we can’t give any details (yet!) we know it’s going to be amazing.

We will continue to share updates here as our team puts in the work. 
If you have any questions, comments, resources, or suggestions to share to help make our plan even stronger, please reach out to us at

With Love,

Team Patchology