The Most Exciting New Beauty Launches You're Going to Want to Try ASAP

April 3, 2019


There's something infinitely appealing about the new. (Just the phrase conjures up images of stars and shiny things, right?) While some people can't wait to book a table at the buzzy restaurant that just sprang open, and others need to hear that album the second it drops, we over here at The Lookbook start tapping our fingers impatiently the minute we hear about a new beauty launch.
Keep scrolling to see the new products that we're lusting after, or have already become addicted to this year. From a violet-hued serum made with an ingredient that's actually called beautyberry to a cleansing ritual that's fit for a goddess and an old favorite made with a revamped formula, these are the products that are making 2019 our most beautiful year yet.

Patchology moodpatch Perk Up


Next time you need an energy boost, don't reach for your second (or third) cup of coffee. Instead, try one of Patchology's moodpatch Perk Up eye gels. Infused with green tea, these gels are like an "energy drink" for your under eyes and your mood overall. While the green tea helps to de-puff the eye area, additional ingredients like Pine Leaf Extract and White Mulberry can help reduce dark circles and brighten up your eyes.