The Best Products to Practice Self-Care During any Flight

From the very beginning of my recent vacation, a time when hopes are typically high and travel is arguably at its most exciting, the entire journey was a calamity of errors. I woke up late, hit bumper-to-bumper traffic en route to the airport, faced a mile-long security line (yes, I know I need TSA PreCheck) and was then eventually, against all odds, seated next to both a crying baby and a seemingly plague-ridden adult. Not the best start, to say the least, and that mood carried over into the first part of the trip as I unsuccessfully tried to force relaxation. 

Now, however, instead of looking at the journey as a separate component of the vacation, I plan to start the self-care process on the plane (or train, or car, or by whichever means one travels) and am hoping this new mindset will ease the stress of an abundance of upcoming holiday travel. Here, we’re sharing how you, too, can do the same.

Patchology Perk Up Eye Gels, $15 for 5 Pairs at Nordstrom Rack: Give your tired eyes a rest with these green tea-infused eye gels that depuff and brighten with energy boosting and de-puffing green tea, antioxidant-rich pine leaf extract, and dark circle-eliminating white mulberry.