The 7 Best Foot Peels and Scrubs to Exfoliate Rough, Calloused Feet

Despite its massive fan base, Baby Foot isn't the only exfoliator that can bring rough, calloused feet back to life. In addition to acid-laced peel products like Baby Foot, you can also remove dead skin buildup from your feet with a pumice stone, exfoliating creams containing an ingredient called urea, and even an acne-fighting face scrub. These picks come straight from dermatologists and podiatrists, all of whom stress the importance of regular exfoliation. They also recommend taking foot care more seriously, as this part of our body goes through a ton of wear and tear as we walk and workout. We're constantly putting pressure on our feet, which is why they're one of the first places to show signs of skin damage in the form of flaking, peeling, and callouses. The good news is: These treatments really do live up to their claims and do an excellent job at restoring the skin. Without further ado, find seven exfoliating products for your feet recommended by dermatologists and Allure editors.

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