May 16, 2019


PIMPLES HAVE A WAY of popping up at the most inconvenient times, but a new trend in beauty is offering a solution for when we need to wipe out a breakout stat. We’ve personally tested each of these clean acne patches and are obsessed with how effective and how discreet they are!

Did you have a sweaty workout class and forgot to wash your face after? Or are you about to start your period and your hormones have gone haywire? Maybe you’re just stressed out and your skin is showing it? Whatever triggered your breakout, acne patches are a clever new way to quickly reduce redness, calm inflammation, and infuse your skin with active ingredients to help heal and, of course, conceal the bump in the process.

A bonus benefit of these patches is that they prevent scarring by thwarting the temptation to pick at your skin — an urge many of us have when we’ve got an unwelcomed spot on our face. Simply cover that sucker up, let the patches work their magic and walk around with the confidence your pimple has no right to interfere with…
patchology Acne Patches
PATCHOLOGY BREAKOUT BOX 3-IN-1 ACNE TREATMENT KIT | Got more than one little dot that needs attacking? We love this line of stickers for single spots as well as for unclogging a more unruly patch. The trio includes a set of pimple-shrinking salicylic acid dots, whitehead-absorbing hydrocolloid dots and blackhead-eliminating nose strips. They are all infused with potent natural ingredients like tea tree oil and witch hazel. These ingredients help move the healing process along quickly.