The 5 Best Under-Eye Puffiness-Reducers

Everyone's under-eye area gets puffy from time to time, and the causes range from things as basic as seasonal allergies to a lack of sleep to not drinking enough water. Because puffy eyes can actually feel uncomfortable, it's always good to have one of the best under-eye puffiness-reducers on-hand. These products come in the form of eye creams, face masks, and facial rollers that you can keep in the freezer. Ahead, find the best in each category that are proven to be effective.

While the five under-eye puffiness-reducers on this list will work in a pinch, there are a few tips you can follow to help prevent puffiness in the first place. First, and most importantly, make sure you're drinking enough water. Also, try to get at least six to eight hours of sleep each night. (Dehydration and fatigue are among the most common puffy eye culprits.) You can also try limiting your consumption of super salty foods — sodium increases fluid retention, thus causing your skin to swell — and if you have allergies, try using eye drops to flush out any potential allergens that might be causing irritation.

But still, taking all the precautions in the world sometimes still doesn't stand a chance against skin-swelling and inflammation. When puffiness strikes, turn to one of the five soothing eye treatments below.

2. Best Under-Eye Patches For Puffiness

Another easy, effortless way to help reduce under-eye puffiness is with a gel mask, like Patchology's FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels. Like with pretty much any other product designed to soothe and de-puff skin, these will work even more effectively if kept in the fridge or freezer. Made of cooling hydrogel, the patches use caffeine to help reduce swelling, collagen to improve elasticity, hyaluronic acid to moisturize, and centella asiatica to further soothe skin. Each box comes with five pairs.

"I could definitely tell a difference in puffiness. Really helped wake up my tired eyes," reports one reviewer. Another shares, "I have chronic puffy pockets under my eyes due to allergies [and] these completely flattened them out."