Summer Is My Favorite Season – Mainly Because These Beauty & Wellness Essentials Are Helping Me Thrive

May 24, 2019

During winter, I go through a horrible time with my skin and overall sense of wellbeing. My body cracks to dust in the Boston air, and I don’t feel motivated to make an effort with my hair, makeup, or clothes when I’m trudging around in all that snow. Plus, the seasonal depression hits me hard, and even getting to my weekly yoga classes is a constant battle. Spring is the time when I begin to feel like myself again. But summer – that’s when I thrive, as most people do in college and post-graduation. Everything resets in my life, so I can play with product, focus on my glow, and care for my health in a more functional way. I get back into face masks, oils, meditating and all the joyful little things that I lowkey neglect in other seasons.

As part of this ritual, each year before June hits I scout out a huge haul of products to get myself back in the beauty groove and prep for various summer adventures. Assuming you’re in need of some inspo now that finals are behind you, I’m sharing my roundup of all the things I’m obsessed with this season, encompassing all my faves across beauty and wellness.

Down to Mask Kit

Patchology,, $35; shop now

When I need an escape, I spend hours having an at-home spa moment, curling up with a face mask and moisturizing my entire body into restful oblivion. Well, this kit is all of those ultra-luxurious feelings packaged in a travel-sized bag, plus like, way more. Complete with everything from sheet masks to pedicure treatments, I’m currently living for this set because it leaves me feeling that good.